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CyberCellar is proudly South Africa’s second oldest surviving e-commerce store specialising in the sale of premium wines, beers, liqueurs, and wine accessories. Founded in 1998, CyberCellar is South Africa’s best online wine website. Based in the heart of the scenic Cape Winelands, Paarl, CyberCellar boasts over 3 000 wines and beers.

Have your pick and choose the best red wine online, the most exclusive white wines, and you can buy amazing beer online all on one useful site. CyberCellar brings you the most affordable wines at cellar door prices while giving you the convenience of delivery straight to your door with our experienced and reliable courier service. Our fantastic selection of the finest wines across category and type is the best in South Africa. Our loyal customers return time and again for the fabulous service, mammoth selection, and sheer convenience.

What We Offer

You will be spoilt for choice with South African wines and luxurious imports of over a staggering thirty rich red wines, over twenty crisp white wines, a number of hearty beers, flavoured liqueurs, sparkling wines, sweet dessert wines, and blush-hued rosé wines.

Make the most of the decadent red wines brought to South African soil from native regions of France such as Burgundy, the Rhône valley, Médoc, Bordeaux, Beaujolais, among others. CyberCellar aims to bring you the utmost quality and widest selection of Italian and Spanish originating wines. You will be whisked away with the spectacular array of red wines on offer, including the home-grown beauty, one of South Africa’s best wines, the deep ruby-hued Pinotage. Buy powerhouse wine vintages from South Africa’s best wineries sporting the peppery Shiraz, rich Merlot, and the spicy Cabernet Sauvignon.

From diamond bright to deep straw-gold in colour, our white wines will keep you smiling from ear-to-ear. Over twenty types of white wine make CyberCellar the best site to find your perfect bottle. Firm favourites like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, we bring you only the finest crisp white wines available in South Africa. Portraying a fruity pop in flavour and lovely herbaceous bouquets, white wines are a treasure.

Pop open some of South Africa’s best bubblies, you will love the elegant Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wines from the most premium wineries. Sophisticated aromas and tasting notes indicative of the one and only Champagne, there is a splendid sparkling wine for every occasion. Add the ultimate luxury to your dessert with the ultimate world-class dessert wine. You can make the most of South Africa’s range of delicious dry to sweet rosé wines. Unbelievably smooth triple distilled whiskeys, sweet brandy, and other delicately flavoured liqueurs are all available at reasonable prices on CyberCellar.

If you prefer the most popular type of alcohol in the world, beer, CyberCellar offers wonderful hearty options. Buy the best beer online from the lightest of ales to the creamiest of lagers. Offering South Africa’s premier beers as well as exclusive craft beers and wonderful imports, CyberCellar offers the ideal beer options. You can easily get your hands on the top Bavarian, German, and Belgian beers available in South Africa at the most affordable prices. Fill your glass, enjoy the white creamy head, and savour the wonderful smooth taste of hops.

There is no better to way to enjoy a glorious bottle of wine but in style with CyberCellar’s partner wine accessories. Whether you are looking for a delicate wine decanter, a classy wine stand for optimised storage, or an aerator to breathe new life into your wine, our partner provides the finest wine merchandise. Find your ideal wine stopper, reliable wine thermometer, bottle openers, glass and silver wine coolers and much more.

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