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Dutch origins brought Brandy, or “brandewijn” which means burnt or distilled wine, to South Africa. The Dutch preserved their Brandy wine aboard ships through a distillation process. Anchored in Table Bay in 1672, the very first brandy distilled in South Africa occurred aboard De Pijl, a Dutch ship. South Africa has now become the proud holder of the award of world’s best Brandy for six consecutive years. Three classes of Brandy have emerged, namely Potstill, 100% Brandy, Potstill mixed with matured wine spirits dubbed Vintage, and finally the Blended variety features Potstill and unmatured wine spirits. Delicious aromas and flavours will caress your palate with toasted coffee and nuts, plump stone fruit, and a wonderful buttery smooth texture. Woody sweetness with hints of chocolate and toffee greet you along with muscat, spices, vanilla woodiness, and minty herbaceousness. Try South African favourites of Fish Eagle Brandy and KWV Brandy, available online at CyberCellar.