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Inverroche Gin Trio

Inverroche Gin Trio
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1 x Inverroche Gin Amber NV


Inverroche Gin Amber is an exquisite, handcrafted spirit that shows an inspired arrangement of fresh, floral botanicals alongside exotic spice and uplifting citrus profiles. Produced in small batches, this fragrant amber-hued gin is double-distilled using a specialised pot still process that reveals a wonderfully pure expression of intense characters. A full-bodied palate shows wonderful depth of flavour with earthy base notes that are highlighted by lively juniper and bright citrus notes. The Inverroche Gin Amber concludes its gratifying performance on the palate with a pleasingly dry, warm finish. Captivating and complex, from start to finish.

1 x Inverroche Gin Classic NV


From Inverroche comes the crisp and complex, Classic Gin, a handcrafted spirit that shows an exquisite composition of fragrant fynbos, subtle spices and elegant white fruit flavours. Showcasing a sparkling clarity in the glass, this gin is meticulously created using a unique blend of 15 botanicals which impart it with a crisp, refreshing quality. Uplifting citrus and delicate juniper notes jockey for attention on the nose and palate, followed by fine layers of fynbos perfume which is complimented by a warmly spiced edge of cardamom and coriander seed. Enjoy well chilled with a spike of lemon in a dry martini.

1 x Inverroche Gin Verdant NV


The Verdant variety gin from Inverroche Distillery displays an alluring spectrum of green-toned characters that express themselves with charming concentration on the nose and palate. Meticulously crafted and double-distilled, this enchanting spirit undergoes a brief infusion of fragrant summer blossoms, which impart it with its distinctly fresh, green character. It displays an alluring sunshine gold colour that releases bright top notes that perform against a beautiful floral undertone. The palate mirrors the aromatic display of the nose, sustaining a crisp, well-defined flavour profile that concludes in a gentle finish that leaves ephemeral botanical facets on the tip of the tongue.

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