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5 of the coolest bubbly hacks

If you love a good wine hack as much as we do, these bubbly hacks are surely for you! We’re spilling the secrets that will keep your Cap Classique experiences only exquisite.

1. Save the spill:

Increase your chances of getting the perfect pop by chilling your bottles. A cold bottle of bubbles is much less likely to pop spontaneously as the pressure in the bottle decreases when the liquid is chilled.

2. Pop with practice:

Popping a bottle without it bubbling over is easier than you think: the trick is to let the cork guide itself out. After you’ve removed the sleeve and wire:

  1. Angle the bottle away from you (or anyone else!) and hold your hand firmly over the cork.
  2. Slowly twist the bottle until you feel the pressure start to push the cork out by itself.
  3. Now it’s just a matter of keeping your hand steady over the cork as it eases out.

And voila, the perfect pop!


3. A teaspoon at hand:

When pouring into your flutes, keep a teaspoon in some boiling water on standby, and when it looks like the glass is going to fizz over, hold the warm teaspoon over the top of the glass and watch the bubbles magically simmer down.

4. Keep the fizz:

The jury’s still out on this one, but if you don’t have a Champagne stopper on hand you can try to preserve your leftover bubbles by inserting a teaspoon, handle down into the neck of the bottle. This trick won’t save the fizz forever, but may significantly increase bubble time – even just until Mimosas the next morning.

5. Revive with raisins:

If you want to bring back some of the bubbles in your glass, add a raisin to your flute. You won’t taste the addition, but it will immediately bring back some of the lost fizziness.

1 thought on “5 of the coolest bubbly hacks!”

  1. here’s another bubbly hack – not mentioned – Chill champagne flutes – it does wonders to keep the bubbles IN the liquid!

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