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6 Tips to swerve the stain

Remove red wine stains in a pinch!

We’ve all been there: out with friends, enjoying a glass of red wine when you get a bit too expressive and the wine goes flying.


Here are some tricks to remember when you are in a pinch that might save your clothes from a permanent wine stain:

1. Act fast

Make sure you immediately seek a remedy or stain remover, as a dried stain is much harder to remove.

2. Dab, don’t rub

Rubbing the item will actually push the stain deeper into the fibres. Make sure you have an absorbent cloth and lightly dab on the stained area with your cleaning product.

3. Only use cold liquids

Warm liquids are effective in diluting the stain but will spread the stain further.

4. Break up the molecules

Soda water and vinegar are both great for breaking up the molecules in the wine for easier removal – even white wine can do the trick!

5. Soak up the stain with a powder-like substance

Salt or baking powder will definitely help the situation. Sprinkle a layer of your on-hand (preferably table salt) powder over the stain and let it sit until you can give it a wash.

6. Wash ASAP

Always give your precious garment a wash with detergent as soon as you are able.

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