6 Reasons Why Wine > Everything

6 Reasons Why Wine > Everything

We don’t need an excuse to drink wine, but Global Drink Wine Day certainly doesn’t hurt as a reason. Whether you want to dazzle with a great bottle or simply sip away in your PJs, it’s the delicious drink that never gets old.


In celebration of Global Drink Wine Day, we’ve rounded up 6 reasons why wine is better than everything.

1. Wine is civilised

Seriously, the earliest traces of wine date back as far as 5400 – 5000 B.C. Discovering that there was wine this far back in history isn’t just interesting, it’s also significant. Communities making wine means that they had permanent settlements which was unusual for the nomadic societies of that era. We’re glad that their priorities were straight: shelter, food + wine!

2. Wine makes you look + sound intelligent

AerateBordeauxCuvée and so many other wine terms make you sound très sophisticated. Whether you’re impressing a date or you’re just trying to flex at the dinner table with your parents, you immediately gain a few IQ points when you drink great wine (well, that’s according to our science).

3. Wine keeps you guessing

Gone are the days of drinking a red, white or bubbly. Now you can tantalise your tastebuds with a funky orange wine, experiment with an exciting single varietal like Cinsault or even change the way you do bubbles with a perfect Pet Nat. There’s a whole world of wine to dive into.

4. Wine tastes good and makes food taste even better

Gin and pasta doesn’t sound like a good combo, right? But a glass of Pinot Noir with your Spaghetti Bolognese sounds (and tastes) so much better. You don’t have to be eating at the world’s fanciest restaurants to enjoy the perfect pairing, which is why wine has our heart.

5. Wine is beautiful

We’re not just talking about the exciting labels that you see on the shelves these days: the rolling hills of exquisite vineyards are picture-perfect.  We dare you to find a vineyard that isn’t ‘gram worthy.

6. Wine understands

Wine won’t judge when you’re spending your Saturday night watching The Tinder Swindler with pizza and in pj’s. It also won’t judge when you skip the cooking and go straight for the microwave popcorn for dinner (who needs to adult anyway!). It’s the real bestie, that keeps all your secrets and can still make you look uber-elegant.