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Organic, Fairtrade and beyond

Good grapes

As more and more of us choose to drink better, the range of exciting alternatives keeps growing. But where to start? We break down the world of sustainable wine right here.

Every Fairtrade product you choose has been produced with respect for people and the planet, enabling farmers and workers to invest in their future.

Organic wine, like organic food, is made with no artificial pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. That’s all goodness, no nasties.

Cow horns and moon howling aside, biodynamic wine follows a simple logic: leave the land in as good or better shape as you found it.

Unfined, unfiltered, no funny stuff. Wine doesn’t need a lot of manipulating to be really good. That’s why these winemakers leave the grapes be as much as possible.

Nope, not all wine is vegan. These winemakers use natural winemaking methods and vegan alternatives like clay-based fining agents and activated charcoal to clarify their wines.

Not only do these mature vines produce uniquely nuanced wines, but they come with benefits: sustainability, biodiversity and protecting SA’s heritage vineyards.

Sustainability goes beyond organic and natural winemaking. From recognized WWF Conservation Champions to wineries with empowerment structures, these are producers who care.

Most wine comes in 750ml bottles as that was the average lung capacity of a medieval glass blower. Fast forward to 2021 and say hello to the sustainable alternative.