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Cork vs Screwcap:

We’re answering your burning questions with our newest newsletter, but in case you missed it – let’s settle this debate: screwcap or cork?

It might surprise you, but we’re picking screw on this one (unless we’re in the mood for some romance)

While uncorking a bottle evokes a cosy sense of nostalgia, the reality is that cork (being a natural product) can cause a wine to become corked. And no, we don’t mean bits of cork floating around in the wine: cork taint is spoilage caused by bacteria that commonly derive from cork tree bark. A corked wine can smell like anything ranging from a wet dog to nothing at all. Yikes.

Enter the screwcap: initially, it was associated with cheaper wines but more and more premium producers are choosing this route.
 In fact, today most wines (that aren’t built for ageing) are being capped rather than corked. That said, we would definitely go cork on a premium bottle meant for ageing, as the tiny bit of oxidation from a cork does allow for flavours to become more complex over time.

When storing wines with corks, it’s important to keep them lying down to keep the cork moist. If the cork dries out, it increases the chances of crumbling or wines getting corked. Luckily, with a screwcap, this isn’t an issue! You can store your wines standing up with peace of mind.

Need more reasons? Another benefit of a screwcap is that it avoids the how-to-open-a-bottle-without-a-corkscrew Google search we’ve probably all done at some point. And for some of us, ending up with red wine stains on the ceiling.

So let’s embrace the screwcap (while not throwing the cork ‘out with the bathwater’)!

We’ve made it easy for you to shop screwcaps by creating a filter bucket only including wines that screw. So feel free to forward this link to that friend of yours that never has a corkscrew on hand – we are positive they will appreciate it!

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