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A letter
from our MD David Cope​

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CyberCellar is in the midst of exciting changes. Read more below in the words of CyberCellar MD, David Cope.


The past two years have been an interesting time for anyone in the wine industry here in South Africa. Aside from the concerns around doing business in a pandemic that we share with anyone, there have been the numerous disruptions to trading that sporadic alcohol bans have caused. A wild fluctuation in sales between these and normal trading times plus uncertain consumer behaviour has made planning almost impossible. It’s been a challenge to say the least.


As a team, we took over CyberCellar in late 2019, just a few months before the pandemic began. Our team grew and evolved over the last two years, learnt a huge amount about this business and has done work I’m exceptionally proud of. We’ve shipped hundreds of thousands of bottles to all corners of the country, introduced exciting new producers regularly and made it easier than ever to discover the joys of wine from the comfort of your own home. 


And we’ve made a lot of mistakes. 


Part of this relates to us being a young team running a 23 year old e-commerce business during a trying time. Part of this relates to simply not enough focus on the things that matter. For those that have stuck around and continue to shop with us, we are exceptionally grateful and thank you for this ongoing support. 


The good news is our best days are ahead. 


We have done extensive research and with a lot of feedback – directly from you – are developing a plan to move CyberCellar in the direction it needs to go. More reliable stocks and both faster and more flexible delivery options. More in-depth content and curated offers with the products you enjoy. A larger, well-curated spirits offering. And much more beyond that, because we want to give you exactly what you require for us to be the best online drinks destination in South Africa.


Right now we’re busy with operational adjustments, moving warehouses and exploring new ways to increase logistics efficiencies. We’ve engaged with new technology partners to improve features and reliability. And we’re outlining a new customer service program to be built from scratch. 


It’s just the beginning, but there are a lot of projects starting now that will bring enormous benefit over the next 6 months and onwards. It’s an exciting time and we promise to stay transparent and keep you updated as we move ahead and evolve to be the best version of CyberCellar yet.


At the end of the day, we are here to serve you. 




David Cope

Managing Director


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