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Get to know the Artisans

The first of a series on our Journal to introduce you to some of our artisan producers:

Looking for an original bottle of wine? And to support the small independent guys who put everything into the wines they craft? You’ve come to the right place – let us introduce you to your new favourite artisan producers and their standout wines. Trust us, these wines are worth waiting for – get your orders in now and enjoy post ban.


This unpretentious, independent producer is committed to finding the best grapes and having a hands-on winemaking process – from sorting to pressing. Their aim is to create a wine-drinking experience that is easy and delicious, satiating the novices and experts of the wine world. Staying true to the grape, hero-ing the underdog varieties, and offering exceptional value is their motto.



For wine that packs a punch and is handled with extreme care, try Alphabetical here.


Cape Wine Master Janno Briers-Louw is making evocative and award-winning wines on one of the oldest farms in SA. The 7th generation, family-owned farm translates its incredible heritage into its sensational wines.


Try Eeenzaamheid’s wines full of rich heritage here:

Radley & Finch:

With a name that’s inspired by the literary classic “To Kill A Mockingbird”, one would think winemakers Thinus & Pascal would have a very serious approach to their wines, but these wines tell a different story. Their motto is: optimism beats the pants off pessimism – and in a time like this, a bit of optimism is just what we need. Thinus and Pascal are two guys doing what they do best: making kick-ass wines without snobbery or pretense.


For wine without bells & whistles, try Radley & Finch here:

The Fledge & Co:

They call their wines “off the beaten track”, but this dynamic duo (Margaux and Leon) make low-intervention wine that turns heads. They are forging a path for others trying to redefine the perception of wine from unconventional regions and varieties. Their hand-crafted approach speaks of their integrity as winemakers, guided by the vine to showcase their passion.


For wines that reflect their origin and defy the status quo, try Fledge & Co here:


Cousins Danie and Hugo Carinus aren’t only two of the top growers based in Stellenbosch and the Swartland, they also produce some tantalizingly tasty wines under their family label, Carinus. Their close relationship with rockstar winemaker Lukas Van Loggerenberg ensures that their wine is handled by true experts from vineyard to cellar.


Try some of these cousins’ tasty treats here:


Nabygelegen is dedicated to producing premium wines that reflect a South African style. Their wines have character and concentration that reflects the unique interaction of diverse soils, slopes and climates in their area. Set against the Bain’s Kloof Mountain Pass, this hidden gem in Wellington is devoted to creating wine with minimum handling of the fruit.


Try Nabygelegen’s wines full of character here:

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