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How to sabrage like a boss!

Show us your sabrage and win!

It’s Cap Classique day and we are in the spirit of celebration over at CyberCellar. After the recent alcohol ban, we are happier than ever that things are getting back to the new normal and the weather is warming with Spring around the corner!

We’ve decided to challenge South Africans with a sabrage challenge that is sure to spark your interest with 3 cases of mixed local bubbles up for grabs (valued at over R3 300)!

Here’s how to enter:

    1. Carefully read the instructions below and only attempt this if you feel comfortable and safe.
    2. Film yourself doing a sabrage with any item (knife, wine glass… even a shoe). See our Head of Content’s impressive version below.
    3. Upload to any of your social media accounts tagging @cybercellar and using the hashtag #CyberCellarSabrage

What the sabrage?

For all the non-winos out there, sabrage is that cool party trick where you slice off the top of a bottle of bubbly with a long blade (or in some cases various other knives or implements).


Not to turn this into too much of a history lesson, but a cool fact about sabrage is that it was (officially) invented by Napoleon in the French Revolution!


We thought this trick is pretty neat to know, but disclaimer: try at your own risk! This does usually involve a blade of sorts so only try it when you feel very comfortable that you won’t injure yourself.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Chill your MCC/Champagne until it is very, very cold – be warned, if you do not do this, it will not end well for you.
  2. Take your chilled bottle and remove any foil from the neck as well as loosen the cage and retighten at the top of the bottle where the cork is so it’s not caught under the lip of the bottle. Your bottle will now be able to pop at any point so work fast from this point.
  3. Hold your bottle at a 45 degree angle away from you, getting a good grip either around the bottom of the bottle or with your thumb resting in the bottle’s punt.
  4. Locate the seam of the bottle – this will be a vertical seam running from the top to the bottom of the bottle. Just run your hand over the bottle until you feel it.
  5. Again, point your bottle in a safe direction (away from people and preferably outside).
  6. Run the back of your blade (you can try to use a heavy kitchen knife if you don’t have a saber) lightly over the seam a few times from bottom to top with a sweeping motion to practice.
  7. Once you feel comfortable with the motion, swiftly run the blade over the seam towards the cork with a determined sweep, hitting the lip of the bottle.
  8. If your cork didn’t fly out, readjust and keep trying until you get it to fly free!
  9. Remember to wipe your bottle before you pour, but you shouldn’t have to worry about glass as the pressure in the bottle should keep glass from breaking in the bottle (double check to make sure before pouring, though).
  10. Enjoy your victory and your impressed guests!

Stock up on your sabrage stash!

Make sure to get yourself a stash of some bubbles to try this with. We have curated the perfect mixed case of local bubbles at 20% off for the whole month of September!



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