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We all know that Spring means some much-needed sprucing after the winter hibernation, but have you thought about spring cleaning your wine collection? We’ve decided to help you properly spring clean with a 4-part series on how to:


  1. Determine which wines to keep (which varieties stand the test of time)
  2. Reuse the wines you are taking out of your collection (with cocktail recipes and more)
  3. Stock up the right way (refresh your cellar)
  4. Pack with a purpose (storing your wines with care)

Let’s start by figuring out which wines you should “sashay away” from. 


Here are some general tips for choosing which wines to keep and which to take out:

1. Price:

This doesn’t always mean a cheaper wine can’t stay in your cellar for a while, but usually, less expensive wines are made to be consumed faster. Think of the easy-drinking wines you’re happy to open on a casual Friday and not ones you would save for a special occasion.


Prioritise drinking these first and if they look like they’re a bit over the wall already, add them to the pile to use in other ways. Red wines turn a browny yellow around the edges, and white wines turn a butter yellow/brown colour when oxidised.

2. White wine/ rosé:

Some white wine varieties like wooded Chardonnays, Riesling, and some dessert wines can age beautifully. But the general consensus is that white wines and rosés should be consumed relatively soon after buying.


Wine Folly recommends that everyday white wine and rosés be stored for 2-3 years max.

3. Red wine for ageing:

Red wines with high tannins or acidities like Cabernet, Merlot, and Shiraz are usually great for ageing as it allows those tannins to mellow out a bit. The wines become more complex.

The full-bodied reds are usually better for ageing – think of most of the Bordeaux varieties we produce locally.


Wine Folly recommends that everyday red wines have a lifespan of about 5 years.

4. Sentimental stays

At the end of the day, wine can become heirlooms or memories of happy times – so don’t go tossing that bottle of wine from your wedding just because it’s past its sell-by date.

Collecting wines from happy occasions is a great reminder and makes a perfect gift to tuck away or showcase.


A great idea is always to buy a good bottle of wine that ages well for a new baby and keep it for their 18th birthday. Match the vintage to their birth year and your bottle will age with them!

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