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BloedlemoenClassic Gin 


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Bloedlemoen is a handcrafted, small batch local Gin made from ten natural botanicals. This award-winning Gin was conceptualised in 2015 by three food and drinks industry specialists, focused on bringing a liquid to life that is refreshing and delicious, yet layered with the warmth of selected spices.

Bloedlemoen is a quintessentially South African Gin made from the delicious Tarocco Blood Orange, and proudly boasts as the first Blood Orange Gin in the World. The fruit is sourced locally from our growing partners in the Western Cape of South Africa. A contemporary, London Dry-style Gin distilled through a combination of maceration and vapour infusion. It contains no less than ten natural botanicals: Juniper, Blood Orange, orange peel, grains of paradise, coriander, cassia, nutmeg, liquorice root, angelica root and nutmeg.

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