AA Badenhorst Family Wines Kalmoesfontein White 2021

White Blend from Swartland

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    Product Information

    Producer AA Badenhorst Family Wines
    VintageThis is reference to the year the grapes where harvested. The vintage stated means at least 85% of the grapes in this wine were harvested in that year. 2021
    CultivarThe Cultivar stated means at least 8% of the wine consists of the cultivar (type of wine grape varietal). In the case of blends, cultivars will appear in descending order. For your convenience, we are including the blend composition in the box below. White Blend
    (W.O.) RegionWine of Origin refers to the area of where 85% of the wines come from. Only official demarcated areas may be used. W.O is not the wine region where the estate is located, but the area where the grapes were harvested. Swartland
    Alcohol ContentThis is a numerical statement on a wine label that indicates the alcohol content of the wine in terms of percentage of alcohol by volume. 14.0 (medium alcohol content)
    Residual SugarResidual sugar refers to the amount of sugar left in this wine (measured in grams per litre) after the fermentation process has been completed. RS is used to classify wines in styles. Read more about residual sugar, sweetness of wine in comparison to fruit and floral flavours on our blog. 2.2g/L
    VolumePackaging size 750mL

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