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Part 3: Spring Cleaning

If you’ve been doing your home cellar spring cleaning you’re probably excited for the good part: restocking and refreshing your Summer wines! 

Just to remind you, we’re on the third part of our four-part series on Spring Cleaning your cellar! If you haven’t seen our last two entries, go have a gander to get up to speed.

  1. Determine which wines to keep (which wines stand the test of time)
  2. Reuse the wines you are taking out of your collection (with cocktail recipes and more)
  3. Stock up the right way (refresh your cellar)
  4. Pack with a purpose (storing your wines with care)

With payday around the corner, you’re ready to wishlist those refreshing summer sippers. Follow the recommendations for restocking for the season below:


1. Discover what you like

Start by thinking about a few wines you know you love. What do you reach for when the weather gets warmer? Is it a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a refreshing rosé?

Understanding what you like is the first step to discovering different wines.

Ask yourself what it is you like about the wine and perhaps look at the tasting notes so you understand the flavours you enjoy. When shopping for new wines, keep an eye out for wines with similar flavours or descriptions.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, CyberCellar has mixed cases that are expertly curated to follow a theme, variety or producing area. These are budget-friendly ways to discover new favourites and try more!

2. Shop what you love

There’s no shame in stocking up on what you love. CyberCellar often has case deals which mean you get a discount when you shop 6 of a kind and in some cases, your 6th bottle could even be free!


Take advantage of these deals when you see them for a wine you know you love. It’s an easy way to make sure you have enough of what you like for a low-effort summer drink option.


3. Variety is key

When it comes to price points, always make sure you have a variety of easy-drinking bottles that you can open on a casual evening. But also invest in some higher quality wines to take with you to dinner parties, date nights and even for gifting!

A few special bottles are always appreciated when enjoyed with friends or family (or even for a self-care evening in a bubble bath).

Check our Awarded section for a selection of acclaimed wines to try for your next special occasion. Higher quality wines like the ones from our awarded section are usually also great for ageing, so you don’t have to feel rushed to drink them!

4. Trial and error

At the end of the day, you’re probably going to have some hit and miss experiences until you’ve tried enough wines to know exactly what you like – and even then you might buy something you don’t love. 


If you can, try to keep a list of the wines you like to go back to if you’re ever in doubt! Apps like Vivino are also a great place to store the info of wines you’ve tried, plus you can rate them and compare them with others.


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