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By now, you’ve (hopefully) decided to take a look at your home cellar and put some bottles in the keep, toss and unsure piles – in true Marie Kondo style.

Step 2 will help you decide which of the unsure pile you can reuse in some clever ways!

Just to remind you, we’re on the second part of our four-part series on Spring Cleaning your cellar!


  1. Determine which wines to keep (which varieties stand the test of time)
  2. Reuse the wines you are taking out of your collection (with cocktail recipes and more)
  3. Stock up the right way (refresh your cellar)
  4. Pack with a purpose (storing your wines with care)

Now let’s get into it!


Probably one of the best ways to use wine that’s past its prime. Use it in marinades, stews and your homemade vinegar!

Red wine adds the perfect accent to a rich sauce, garlicky lamb marinade and the best use – your own vinegar.

Making your own vinegar is a worthy investment of your time. It might be the most beneficial way to reuse your opened or old red wines.

You can find some tutorials online, but all you need is a big container, patience and a vinegar starter (referred to as a “mother”).

Cocktails + alternative drinks:

Another sneaky way to reuse wine that’s past its best when guests come over, is to reinvent the drink with some additions.

Sangria and mulled wine are two fantastic options. 

All you need is some leftover wine, fruit, spices and you’ve got yourself a hot or cold drink that tastes exotic. Added bonus: it will look impressive at your next dinner party.


We must admit this isn’t necessarily something we’ve tried before (probably because the wine doesn’t last that long). Did you know leftover white wine can be a substitute for vinegar in cleaning?

Sprinkle some baking powder and add a dash of white wine to remove stains and limescale. Plus you can even add some white wine to a spray bottle with water to clean your windows!

Know when to toss:

At the end of the day, you don’t want to use wines that are really too far gone in anything you might be consuming. So remember to check out our previous post to see when you should add wine to the “toss pile”.

If a wine smells really funny or has a lot of sediment (brown, sand-like residue), it’s probably not worth the time to find a good use for it.

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