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Six ways to support wine businesses during alcohol bans

Okay, by now you know the drill – these third wave restrictions are yet again putting massive pressure on those in the hospitality, alcohol and tourism industries (not to mention the many other businesses and individuals still recovering from the previous waves).

The good news is that you can help support our South African wine industry! Small brands need you to show the love, so here’s how you can give back:

1. Keep shopping online

Not only does it mean you will have something to look forward to when the ban lifts, but you’ll probably find some great deals. Most importantly, you will help support cash flow for farms to pay staff and keep the lights on.

2. Avoid illicit trade

We know that it seems like a good solution to buy a bottle from a friend on the side, but all it’s going to do is have you paying excessive amounts with money that can go to maintaining the livelihood of the industry (for a fraction of the price). So let’s leave the short-term gains and do some long-term investing by ordering online!


3. Support small and independent wine brands

Many big retail outlets can survive these bans by simply relying on other products to drive sales, but for small and artisan brands, it’s all they have. So why not use the opportunity to discover new favourites and shop from some independents.

4. Pay full price where you can

You will definitely find great deals and specials to enjoy, but shop mindfully – sales are often out of necessity and not financially viable for the survival of smaller businesses. Pay full price for products where you can.

5. See the bigger picture

We know that visiting restaurants is no longer a possibility, but zooming out a bit to see the knock-on effect of this will also help show you where you can support. Independent producers, your local grocers, etc. all have products that need to be sold. Try takeout from a new restaurant or reach out and buy from local producers!

6. Show the love

Something as simple as leaving a positive review on Google or Facebook can not only help motivate and encourage businesses, but can also help to get the word out to others looking to shop and support. Consider leaving a friendly word the next time you shop! Why not start by leaving CyberCellar a kind review? Click here for Facebook and here for Google.

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