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Store Your Wine The Right Way (And Make Every Drop Count)

There’s no bigger heartbreak than opening a bottle of wine, pouring it and from the first sniff realizing that it’s not good for drinking anymore. With Janu-worry going on for what feels like 52 days, no one can afford any of these heartbreaking moments. That’s why we’re giving you the lowdown on how you should be storing your wine. No worries, just because you don’t have a temperature-controlled state-of-the-art wine fridge, doesn’t mean your wine will suffer.

Store your wine at a stable temperature

Ideally, you shouldn’t store your wine in an extremely hot or cold environment. So if you aren’t using a dedicated wine fridge, then find a cool spot that has a stable temperature that will prevent your cork from expanding and contracting (which can let air flow in and out).

Keep your wine stored horizontally

It’s not just because it looks good, by keeping your wine stored in this position you allow the cork to remain moist. This matters in ensuring that your wine doesn’t age prematurely. While it doesn’t have quite the same effect for screw tops, horizontal storage is a wonderful way to make the most of your storage across the board.

Minimize the amount of light exposure

Sunlight isn’t just bad for your skin, it can hurt your wine too. The penetrative UV rays from direct sunlight can affect the flavours and aromas – there is a nitty-gritty scientific explanation – but, we’ll save you time so you can drink more wine. 

Pro tip: Store your wine away from vibrations like washing machines and dishwashers, the effects of the vibration can disrupt the sediment in your wine which can interfere with proper aging.

Once you’ve opened your wine – close it properly

Put that spoon down. Yes, we see you putting it into your bubbles to ‘keep it fresh’. The best way to keep wine and bubbles fresh once opened is with a high-quality stopper, which you can get at any good homeware shop. If you’ve opened a good screw top, you’re in luck otherwise make the investment and you’ll never again be faced with the crushing disappointment of a sip of corked wine.

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