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It wouldn’t be a birthday without cake, and man did we get a CAKE! Sweet Lionheart kindly made all of our dreams come true with this CyberCellar themed birthday cake!

This team of badass ladies are creating magic, one cake at a time. Watching them create these pieces of art is honestly a mindblowing experience (and really made us reconsider the premix muffins we call baking).

_DSF2283 2

See more behind the scenes photos below

…life should be celebrated. Every occasion, no matter how big or small, should be memorable. So that means you need cake, obvs.

After completing a part-time pastry course in 2015, Nikki’s graphic design skills and love for all things visual melted into one with the art of baking. She began to share her sweet adventures on Instagram, gradually creating a demand for more of her drool-worthy designs, and so… Sweet LionHeart was born, baby!

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