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Get your gifting sorted with these top spirits!

Buying a gift does not have to be a headscratcher. The best gifts are the ones someone would like but wouldn’t buy for themself. Or something they need, but put off buying because it is a luxury.

Spirits are the perfect gifts! Their higher price tag usually means they are a luxury for most and is not bought as often as a beer or bottle of wine.


We have put together a list of 5 spirits you can find on CyberCellar. They will be a real treat for whomever you are buying for, so read more to see why they’re ideal gifts!


1. Patron Reposado

Tequila is definitely upgrading itself from shot to slow sipper. With a smooth taste and refined complexity, Patron Reposado is the perfect introduction to the world of tequila. It is best enjoyed over ice or in a refreshing cocktail such as a margarita. 


A bottle of Patron Reposado is perfect for the more adventurous type who likes to explore different flavours and new drink options – and it won’t break the bank.



2. Bulleit Bourbon

Scotch or Irish will always be a debate in the world of whiskey, but how about something a bit different? Bulleit Bourbon is the American cousin of the UK whiskey, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in taste. 


With its high rye content, Bulleit has a spicy and sweet, oaky flavour that is perfect enjoyed in an Old Fashioned, or just on the rocks. We’re sure that someone in your life loves a good whiskey cocktail – now their next gift is sorted!


3. Talisker 10 Year

Moving over to the Isle of Skye, we have a premium single malt Scotch whiskey. This renowned bottle has won many awards, including the best single malt whiskey worldwide!


It will set you back a bit price-wise, but it makes the perfect gift for a Scotch lover and will definitely be savoured till the last drop. As it has distinct red fruit notes, Talisker is best enjoyed with some ice or a drop of water to really bring out those fruit flavours.


4. Johnnie Walker Green Label

A brand that needs no introduction in the Scotch whisky world. Johnnie Walker Green Label blended whisky is matured for over 15 years. The blend of malts means that it is perfectly balanced with richer oaky notes as well as lighter tropical & floral flavours.


Enjoy the amazing aromas of this whiskey by serving in a high ball glass (taller glass means you have a longer time to sniff the aromas).

Upgrade the black label to a green label this year for that someone special. 


5. Bombay Bramble

This new addition to the Bombay family has to be one of the most perfect gifting options for a gin lover in your family. Not only is the colour festive AF, but it’s a super nice way to introduce someone to a drink they haven’t tried before. The berry flavours will dazzle with some fruity garnishes and a sprig of mint.


This baby won’t cost you much, but we’re sure it will make an impact! You don’t even need to wrap this beauty with its festive colour – just slap a bow on it and call it a day.


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