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Top 5 items every wine drinker needs

1. A good (cork)screw

There are a whole bunch of fancy, gadgety corkscrews out there these days that will do the job, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a great opener. The simple ones often work better!

Just lookout for the little foldout knife to cut open a seal and ensure the lever used to hold the bottle secure when pulling the cork free allows for good grip. There’s a good reason they call these wine keys “waiters’ friends” after all!

2. A decanter

Besides the obvious fact that a decanter makes any wine you serve look hella fancy (and conveniently hides the label of the bottle if you had to reach into your not-so-snazzy stash), decanters are a great way to aerate wine. This allows for the aromas to open up and the tannins to mellow out, giving your wine a smoother taste.


3. Wine cooler box/bag

Talk about functional and fabulous! These days wine bags aren’t only for transporting wine and keeping it cool, they have an aesthetic appeal to match. Fieldbar Co. is a great example of retro-inspired wine coolers that are the perfect addition to any picnic or dinner party. 

4. Full-bodied wine glasses

Although there is some debate about whether different wine glasses really change your wine drinking experience, having big goblet-like glasses can definitely affect the aeration of your wine and allows you to swirl your glass better to really get the nose of the wine when sipping. Plus… more wine in one go means less getting up to refill. 

5. Bubbly and wine bottle stoppers

Waste not, want not with your new best friend: champagne and wine stoppers. These might not seem like a necessity, but we all know how it kills our soul to lose a cork or all the bubbles in a bottle of bubbly. Keep it fresh by having some of these stoppers around – you know, for that rare occasion you don’t finish a bottle.

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