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Wait, I can pair my wine with my pizza topping?

While there is much controversy around wine and food pairings (what to pair and when), there are definitely some pairings that just make sense: red wine and meat, white wine and fish. But you don’t have to be fine dining out to pair your wine with your dinner – it can be as simple as pizza and wine pairing!


So yes, you can pair your pizza with wine. And we’re going to show you the best pizza toppings to pair with red wine as well as why they work.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon with lots of meaty toppings.

Why it works:

Full-bodied reds have enough weight to balance out the meatiness in the pizza. This means that both your wine and your pizza will pack the same punch and flavour – no more overpowering your food & wine!

2. Cinsault with BBQ chicken/ anything BBQ.

Why it works:

Cinsault usually has some smoky flavours that pair very well with bbq sauce and smoked meats. This also means that any smoked meats would go with the wine – including the next time you have a braai!

3. Pinot Noir with mushrooms

Why it works:

The light-bodied red has the same delicate umami flavours that mushrooms have – neither will overpower the other. Try it for yourself and see how the mushrooms bring out an earthiness in the wine.

4. Merlot with a Caprese/ Margarita

Why it works:

The fattiness of mozzarella cheese will be balanced with a medium-bodied Merlot, whilst the Merlot is delicate enough not to overpower the mellow mozzarella flavour. Add some fresh basil or sliced tomato to your Margarita for a Caprese twist!

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